Fee Schedule

Service Price
Principal Fiduciary/Master Guardian $175.00 per hour
Senior Estate Manager $160.00 per hour
Senior Legal Assistant $140.00 per hour
Senior Geriatric Care Manager $140.00 per hour
Licensed Estate Administrator $150.00 per hour
Estate Administrator $135.00 per hour
Geriatric Care Manager $125.00 per hour
Administrative Assistant $75.00 per hour
Care Manager Support $75.00 per hour
Trust Administration 1% net value of estate per annum

Expenses charged to client Cost
Record Retention/File Management $25.00 per month
Facsimile No Charge
Photocopies No Charge
Mileage IRS Approved Rate
Late Fees 1.5% per 30 days

Jane Anne Geisler, President, License No. 20123, Managed Protective Services, Inc., License No. 20124, and Glenn Gloria, License No. 20691, hold an active fiduciary license, issued by the Arizona Supreme Court and are subject to regulations by the Arizona Supreme Court. The regulations governing licensed fiduciaries and fiduciary entities are specified in the Arizona Code of Judicial Administration §7-201: General Requirements and in §7-202: Fiduciaries. These administrative rules adopted by the Arizona Supreme Court include a Code of Conduct that all licensed fiduciaries are required to follow.

Additional information regarding these requirements and licensed fiduciaries may be obtained from the Arizona Supreme Court at:



Email to PFP@courts.gov

Phone: (602) 452-3378

*Services provided on weekends will be billed at time and half the regular rate.

  1. Fees and expenses are subject to change with thirty (30) days written notice to the parties as required by A.R.S. §14-5109.
  2. All services billed at an hourly rate will be billed at a 0.1 hour (1/10 th of an hour) minimum increment.
  3. Tasks will be delegated to a person billing at the lowest appropriate billing rate. If the task or service cannot be delegated, staff will bill at the lowest appropriate billing rate for the service provided.
  4. Most of the services provided under a court appointment are mandated by Arizona law (Title 14 of the Arizona Revised Statutes, (“A.R.S.”), the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure, (“ARCP”), or the Arizona Code of Judicial Administration, (“ACJA”).
  5. Licensed Fiduciaries are subject to oversight by the Arizona Supreme Court, Fiduciary Licensing Program, the Superior Court of Arizona, as well as by attorneys associated with the case/client, family members and interested parties.
  6. Managed Protective Services, Inc., License No. 20124, is bonded and insured.
  7. Licensed Fiduciaries are held to a code of conduct under A.R.S. §14-5601, and must prudently manage costs, preserve the assets of the ward or protected person for the benefit of the ward or protected person and protect against incurring any costs that exceed probable benefits to the ward, protected person, decedent's estate or trust, except as otherwise directed by a governing instrument or court order, pursuant to A.R.S. §14-1104.