Geriatric Care Manager

Whether we pick it or not, caregiving is a responsibility that's often thrust upon us. You are going to have to determine what your resources are when it comes to money, time, family, job and journey. Understand that you have social life, your own personal family, and job responsibilities that cannot be discounted.

Geriatric Care Management is one of the numerous services provided by Managed Protective Services. We provide customers managed care specifically made for their personal lifestyle. Disability, lengthy sickness, or simply the challenges of aging can considerably change the lifestyle of elderly adults. Daily obligations may become tough. However, efficient coordination of medical, private, and social service resources can improve the standard of living for their health professional and senior adults.

Hiring a geriatric care manager is just one of the best choices in aged assist. Geriatric care managers can be helpful in aiding hire the right aide for your eld also.

  • In-home assessment
  • Institutional or hospital assessment
  • Hospital Visits in emergencies
  • Recommendation and implementation of adapted equipment
  • Financial information organization
  • Understanding government entitlements and services that are available
  • Arranging travel to family events and social gatherings
  • Interviewing and hiring aides and other home-care personnel
  • Monitoring your elder on an ongoing basis
  • Making the home "elder-safe"
  • Arranging meal service
  • Hiring cleaners, handyperson, and other assistance
  • Streamlining medications
  • Serving as the communication hub for the family
  • And more!